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The name of Agde derives from that of the original Greek colony, "Agathé Tyché" good fortune or "Agathé Polis" good city.

Mystical name, the first term of which evolved in Agatha around 678, which became Occitan "Agde" from the 12th Century and was identical to French.

One of the emblems of the city is the Ephèbe, this ancient bronze statue of 1.4m high, dated from the IV century BC and which was found in the bed of the Hérault, opposite the Saint Etienne cathedral of 'Agde, in 1964. A large copy was erected on the road roundabout of the south ring road.


Agde has become one of the main marinas in the Mediterranean, the first tourist resort in Europe (Built from 1970 on the planning of tourist development of the Languedoc-Roussillon coast) and enjoys international renown , partly due to its naturist district located at Cap d'Agde, at the foot of an ancient volcano "Mont Saint Loup".


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